Creative Park Team

The Creative Park Team is tasked with designing a children's park, but without the traditional slide or jungle bars. The design will let the kids develop teamwork skills and connection with nature through built-in challenges and activities, while giving the kids an independent place to play.

Advanced Manufacturing Team

The Advance Manufacturing Team is tasked with designing & building a durable and interactive exhibit that introduces children in the Lafayette Community to the budding industry of Advance Manufacturing. The exhibit will consist of three tables, and it will have nine interactive stations about different advanced manufacturing techniques that will be rotated on the tables throughout the year. This installation will hopefully encourage kids to consider Advance Manufacturing as a possible career path. Features included, but are not limited to, a robotic arm, a snap circuit station, and a tablet with educational games and videos!

Bike/Automotive Station

The Automotive station is tasked with providing local children in the Lafayette community with opportunities to learn about how to repair bikes and getting them interested in furthering their education in topics related to repairing bikes or mechanics from their exposure of the Bike Repair Station. This Bike Repair Station will be a beginners workshop where the kids can disassemble / reassemble bike parts and learn about their mechanics. From this, the Bike Repair Station Team  wants to get kids interested in learning new things, such as basic repairs and maintenance,  and potentially seek further education in relation to the contents of the station.   

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